Eric Wynns Living the Legacy Foundation

The Eric Wynns Living the Legacy Foundation is a youth advocacy non-profit 501(c)(3) organization affiliated with Rising Stars Recruiting and Academy Training program. The organization was founded in April 2016 by Reginald and Danielle Wynns.

Eric, their energetic, chatty, independent, determined and caring son, who was a social butterfly, was driven to overcome obstacles and to finish whatever he started, no matter how long it took. He was a part of the Rising Stars Recruiting and Academy Training program when it commenced in 2008. He attended Birmingham Groves High School and graduated from West Bloomfield High School.

Determined to pursue football at the collegiate level, Eric attended Central State University, then attended Ferris State University and finally Saginaw Valley State University (hereinafter “SVSU”) in Saginaw, Michigan. Eric was a junior wide receiver at SVSU and majored in Social Work, where he would have been graduating December 2015 with his BSA in Social Work. In the midst of fulfilling his goals, Eric “SHOWKACE” Wynns crossed the “burning sands” into Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., Spring 2014 Xi Iota Chapter.

On August 10, 2015, Eric was tragically killed in a car accident on his way back to SVSU. His funeral service completely filled the church with teenaged and young adult student athletes (young men and women) with whom Eric developed longtime friendships over the years. During remarks everyone commented that Eric made a huge impact on their lives because of the way he lived his life…Energetic, Chatty, Independent, Determined, Caring, a Social Butterfly.

Mission Statement

To inspire breakthroughs in the lives of talented student athletes while helping them to further achieve their goals and dreams in education and sports.

Our Focus

To cultivate and develop in the lives of disciplined, dedicated and responsible student athletes who are mentally and physically prepared to manage adversity, break down barriers and withstand life’s difficulties, just as Eric did. To assist them financially, as well as developmentally, to accomplish their goals. It is the goal of the foundation to assist students with the purchase of school supplies and other expenses incurred during the academic year.

The Rising Stars Recruiting and Academy Training Story

Over the years the Rising Stars Recruiting and Academy Training program has helped over one thousand student athletes earn football scholarships, educated and assisted parents with the recruiting, financial aid process, tutoring resources, ACT/SAT prep as well as mapping out student athlete’s core classes in order to meet NCAA eligibility requirements. Through the Rising Stars Recruiting and Academy Training approach, good players become great players because we encourage them to manage adversity and to perform when it really matters.

Our Program & Services


  • Host fundraisers to provide financial assistance to male high school student athletes entering college
  • Provide financial assistance to purchase school supplies and other expenses incurred during the school year


  • Practice exam sources
  • Online preparation tools


  • Guidance about attitude toward high school academics
  • Presentations on NCAA academic requirements
  • Managing The Dream: It’s take more than a regular person to be a student athlete!


  • Social media usage
  • Decisions: How they can help or hurt dreams
  • Power under control
  • Counseling referrals
  • Title IX Education

Our Future

The Eric Wynns Living the Legacy Foundation will be a stable figure in lives for many student athletes. To continue our efforts, the foundation survives on the donations and contributions of others. Large grants and corporate sponsorships are extremely competitive and driven. We are asking for financial support and partnership to help the Eric Wynns Living the Legacy Foundation assist deserving student athletes. A student athlete who has a plan to accomplish his goals no matter what or how long.