Reginald Wynns


Proprietor of the Rising Stars Recruiting program. After graduating from Pontiac Northern High School, Reg earned a BA in Business Management from Northwood University.

Reg has been working in the metro Detroit area since 2008 promoting college advancement and encouraging young athletes to participate in various football competitions.

Through the years the Rising Stars Recruiting program has helped over one thousand student athletes earn football scholarships, educated and assisted parents with the recruiting, financial aid process, tutoring resources, ACT/SAT prep as well as mapping out student athlete’s core classes in order to meet NCAA eligibility requirements.

Through the Rising Stars Recruiting and Academy Training approach, good players become great players because we encourage them to manage adversity and to perform when it really matters.

“Through my Son’s foundation I hope to expand our support of student athletes from Jersey to Ties”.


Danielle Wynns

Vice President

Married to Reginald Wynns, Proprietor of
the Rising Stars Recruiting program. Out of this union was born
Eric Brandon and Dominque Nichole.

After graduating from Cass Technical High School, Danielle earned a BA in Marketing Management from Northwood University. Danielle works as an IT Project Manager for Ford Motor Company.

Danielle attends New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Southfield Mi. where she serves as a choir member and Secretary for the Music Ministry.

After the passing of their Son, Eric on August 10th 2015, Reggie and Danielle made a heartfelt decision to turn their loss into a blessing for the next student athlete.

“As co-founder of the Eric Wynns Living the Legacy Foundation I hope to inspire breakthroughs in the lives of talented student athletes while helping them to further achieve their goals and dreams in education and sports”.
“From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required”
Luke 12:48


Nate Neal


Treasurer of the Eric Wynns Living the Legacy Foundation and Godfather of Eric Wynns. Nate has known the Wynns family for over 30 years and was honored when offered the opportunity to serve as Treasurer.

He has worked in Telecommunication industry for over 25 years. Nate possesses creative and analytical traits; extremely necessary to effectively serve the Foundation. “Education is invaluable and everyone should have access to high quality post-secondary education”.

When not enjoying his other diversions: music production, volunteering, carpentry or travel, Nate also fulfills his Director duties for his wife’s foundation – Empowered Voices.

Nate has been married to his wife, Judy for over 20 years.


Judy A. Neal


Secretary of the Eric Wynns Living the Legacy Foundation and Godmother of Eric Wynns, Judy A. Neal is passionate about educating and motivating others to see the value of their voice. As a social justice advocate she believes it is her responsibility to motivate those being impacted.

She is the founder and Executive Director of Empowered Voices a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to increasing participation of underrepresented groups, which consist of unmarried women, people of color and young people under thirty years of age, in the democratic process. She is both a board member and volunteer for several local and national organizations focused on civic engagement.

Mrs. Neal has over 17 years of service with Ford Motor Company, where she’s held various positions that require interaction and collaboration with teams domestically and globally to ensure deliverables are met.

She is a proud graduate of Cass Technical High School; holds degrees from Northwood University (Associates in Banking & Finance), University of Detroit Mercy (Bachelors in Business Administration) and Marygrove College (Master of Social Justice).

Mrs. Neal has been married for over 20 years to Nathaniel Neal the Godfather of Eric and board member.


Dominque Wynns


Dominque plans to graduate from Western Michigan University with a BA in Fashion Product Design. She is an active member of Western’s RSO YBBW “You Beautiful Black Woman”, an organization that supports, uplift and empower the minds of women of color. In addition, Dominque is an active member of MODA, Western’s “Merchandising Opportunities and Design Association”.

After graduating Dominque plans to pursue an entry level in Fashion Product Development. Work to obtain enough experience to become an integral part of a Fashion Company or start her own business in creating logos for companies and organizations.

As well Dominque attends New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Southfield Mi., where she served as a Steward for Children’s Church, Liturgical Dance Ministry, and the Christian Debutante program.  As a participant of each ministry Dominque volunteered hours in preparing canned goods for the homeless and performed in dance recitals at nursing homes and homeless shelters.

Dominque has pledged to be her Brother’s Keeper by ensuring Eric’s legacy is fulfilled in the life of the next deserving student athlete.


Derek Wynns


Born the son of James and Willie Mae Wynns. Derek graduated from Pontiac Northern High School, and participated in varsity football, and basketball. After leaving high school Derek attended Northwood University where he obtained a Bachelor degree in Business Administration with the aspirations to become an entrepreneur to serve youth.

“The reason I wanted to help the youth was because I recognized at an early age that today’s youth are dealing with many ills and peer pressure in today’s society”.

Derek is Co-Founder of Positive Male Role Model Incorporated, and employed at General Motors as a Lead Supervisor.

“The motto I live by is, one hundred years from now it will not matter the type of car I drove or the type of house I lived in. What will matter is that I was important in the life of a child”.